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Caring for a wife with dementia

“I became a caregiver when my wife was diagnosed with dementia in 2017. As her disease progressed, I was floundering with ever increasing responsibilities. It was my good fortune to be introduced to Lisa Laney and her company Choice Care. Lisa and Choice Care provided immediate and expert advice to me and professional caregivers tailored to the needs of my wife.

My scheduling needs were varied ranging from a few hours per week to days of 24/7 care. Caregivers from Choice Care always showed up on time and ready to do whatever was necessary. Choice Care relieved me of the burden of vetting, scheduling, and paying the caregivers and allowed me to spend more quality time with my wife.

Lisa accompanied me and my wife to Memory Care appointments and greatly contributed to making the visits more productive. She interacted with and helped facilitate care between our primary care physician, Memory Care doctors, the staff at Harmony the memory care facility, and when needed, hospice.

Lisa and her team caregivers are professional, caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable regarding the rules, regulations, and county and state laws regarding elder care, day care, in house memory care facilities and hospice. This proved invaluable as my wife’s disease progressed.

I value Lisa Laney’s expertise, knowledge, and commitment to premium quality care for her clients. I have asked Lisa and she accepted the role as my Health Care Power of Attorney.  I can’t recommend a person stronger than that.”

PN, September 2021

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Helping Mom long-distance

“I have been working with Lisa and her team at Premier Care Navigation for more than 5 years. Caring for my mom from New York would have been impossible without their support and expertise. Their deep roots in the Asheville area give Premier Care an extensive professional network for any eventuality, alongside a stellar reputation. Most important to me has been the compassion, sensitivity, sound advice and–when needed–loving sense of humor they have shown my mother and me throughout this journey. I feel so fortunate, knowing that Mom is surrounded by people who genuinely care about her, and are there for me too.”

-AH, October 2021

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Caregiving as a family

“Thank you Lisa, Beth and Kirsten, we could not have kept our ‘sanity’ without your help!! You coached us on all the new situations for us, and stepped in when we needed it. I know our stress levels were MUCH REDUCED because we had your help and support.”

-S Family, January 2022

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Thank you from a nurse

“As hard as it is to acknowledge I need helpyou could not have been more kind, personable or competent. And that is coming from a person with 40 plus years as a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner  supporting folks in my circumstances. Thank You.”

February, 2022

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